Last task

I’m happy to say that I am finished with my book, and the blog tasks makes the whole thing more interesting. The blogposts itself, makes everything different, and I think that it does do that everything seems more “funnier” and the different kinds of work we do from week to week, seems like a great idea, and I liked it. The tasks helped me come through the book easier. So after a month I finally can say that I am finished with my book, and that the book report will come soon!



One of the themes in “The Time Machine” is that of a continuing class struggle, even in the future.  When the Time Traveler sees the future Earth, he notices that the individual family has disappeared and thinks that this society looks like a form of communism. However, the theory seems to be disproved as he starts to know the humans that are living there now. They are divided into two groups and goes by the names of “Morocks” and “Elois”.

Third Person

The story is told from third person, following a group from the outside through the story of the book.  We are always watching in on every characters point of the setting “Time travelling”. Some of them are strictly against it, but still wants to see what would actually happen in this machine, and the others are behind the Time Travellers back. And believing in the whole concept.

Book report

I am going to write a book report, because I’m not a great reader, and the analysis might be too hard for me. I think that I can do a much better report than analysis. My book isn’t the longest either so I think that a report suits me quite well. I will do my best on this report, and it will be a great text.

The Setting

The book itself, is about that theory of that there is four dimensions, and you can move in three of them. You can’t move time, time can never be stopped. The Time Traveller tries to show the other ones that it’s possible.

The only place we hear that they are in is the laboratory, where they discuss the theory, and The Time Traveller tries to convince the other’s that it’s possible. He even shows them a sneak peak of how it is to time travel, and that it’s actually possible.

Filby, The Psychologist, The Medical man, is not very convinced, but they have seen some pretty impressing things, and he actually showed them a piece of the final  the time travelling puzzle. But it’s still a long way to go.

I can’t say too much about the difference of the worlds, because the only place we have “visited” is the Time Traveller’s laboratory, and that sounded like it’s very equal to our world.

Chapter 1

The first chapter in this book is about the theory of traveling through the 4th dimension, Time. The people in this book, Medical man, Filby, the Psychologist was certain that it would never work. The time traveller had a different view of the situation, and in his laboratory, he made a time machine. Therefore, he could show them that they are wrong.

The first chapter of the book makes me want to read more. It’s build up like you don’t understand much until you read at least 4-5 pages, and I like that. I’m excited to read more in this book. A great start and I’m hoping for an even greater ending.

Time Machine. Why I picked the book

Time Machine. This book suits me, and I think that this book would be a perfect match. I’m looking forward to read it. Time Machine is about a Victorian scientist who invents a machine, which enables him to visit the future, and undergo a terrifying encounter with his descendants. After I read that, I was screaming for more, and couldn’t wait to start. I had never heard of this book, and I haven’t read much about this theme. So I am excited to start.

Time machine

I couldn’t find a picture of my book, so this was the best i could find.